Life List: Four things you need to remember

The bathroom is now sea foam blue and I’m crankin out a can of  Country White for the bedroom.

I’m hitting  the pause button and painting today, but,  before I roller, I want to remind you of four important things:



1. God created you – Psalm 139:13

2. God loves you – Jeremiah 31:3

3. God knows what you’re going through – John 16:33

4. God will get you through it. – Romans 8:28

Don’t you hate the way the house is torn up when you paint?

Perfect day to paint. Sleet and ice.

This sort- of reminds me of my life: all topsy-turvy and piled up with stuff.

Pretty soon the paint roller will transform, however. I just have to hang in there and keep working.

Welp,  I’m off to dip into a can of Country White

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