Type A Travels: New York…Unplugged

Dear Travel Buddies,

The Type A Lady traveled to New York City to see my daughter and son-in-law. They are a dynamic duo: @brynnelliottwatkins – creative director and www.wearefilms.com  – film maker.  They took us on a tour. Here are photos of our New York visit…unplugged. 


Hey! – Stop looking for photos of Time Square!

This is New York


We high-tailed it out of the city pretty quickly, saying “Bu-bye” to the distinctive skyline.







Off we flew to The Hamptons for a windy beach walk! 

Windy, sandy, watery shore of The Hamptons, complete with shrouded beach homes!

We found the home of Steven Speilberg and, more importantly,  the home of Ina…The  Barefoot  Contessa!

(We  think we saw  Jeffrey  taking  a  walk!)Yes! The Barefoot Contessa is dancing and cooking behind this hedge.

The Hamptons has it’s share of quaint shops and yummy restaurants.

On to camping Connecticut!

(It doesn’t take long to escape the bustle of the city. )
We found a beautiful creek side campsite.

We stopped at an abandoned school on the roadside

Is it a good real estate deal…or  the set for a horror movie?

We discovered charming villages with quirky shops, complete with haunted dollhouses.

OK, lest you think I did not go into the Big Apple, here are some NYC scenes:

Central Park
Fricke Museum
Random Wedding photos on the street (dog included:) 
NYC Streets

NYC Selfie (PS – That’s me on the left -haha ! 🙂 )

My favorite part of my New York visit was the unplugged part.  Thank you, Brynn and Aaron, for a wonderful tour of the delightful quiet places beyond NYC !



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