The (not so) Secret Life of the Type A Lady

Here’s a little Type A Tale to help you know more about this crazy cracked pot:

I had to stop at Dollar General to get dog food. After spending two days cleaning closets at my mom’s house,  I hadn’t showered or changed clothes. Why bother? I’d slept on the floor and kept working.

I walked into Dollar General in my 48-hour attire consisting of stained sweatpants, fly-away hair and a holey (I’m not talking religious!) turtleneck. As luck would have it, I always run into people when I look like I’m from the set of “The Walking Dead.”

First I bumped into a grandma. I taught her grandkids in Kids Community Bible Study. Then, because she and I talked too long and too loud about my newspaper column, I heard a voice call me from the health and beauty aisle.

Laurie I always read your articles in the Tribune!”

She sped toward me, hand outstretched.

“I wanted to meet you and say thanks for writing.” She grabbed my paint-stained hand as I shoved my glasses up from where they cradled at the tip of my nose.

“Well, here I am in all my glory,” I said.

By now, my gray streaked hair was flying and sweatpants drooped above dirty Croc garden shoes.

The kids’ teacher pulled his beautifully-dressed wife toward me in the pet food aisle. We proceeded to discuss life next to the cat food.

This discussion continued into the checkout lane where I tried to keep my distance cause, well, you know…the bathing thing.

I bid them all goodbye at the DG door.

I was a mess…but folks, that’s me.

I’m 62 and I don’t mind because God doesn’t mind. I’m His…and that’s all that matters.

I guess you don’t mind either cause here I am sharing “Type A” Tips and God stuff with you.

For this, I’m humbly grateful.

4 thoughts on “The (not so) Secret Life of the Type A Lady

  1. I love that you were real and authentic and didn’t care what people thought because you were going shopping for a purpose and it wasn’t for you. I’m so glad that God loves all the messy people (inside and out). He only sees the heart and your heart is beautiful. X


  2. Hey Sis , it never fails. When we don’t look our best , that’s when we meet people… That’s life ! Life is not always pretty nor clean but Jesus is always loving us .


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