Fun Friday: I’m Finished Painting

Disclaimer: I’m by no means a renovation expert nor a decorator, but, hey… I work hard.

I tackled a yellow mustard bedroom this week. Here are the results of my labor! Just for Fun Friday, you can check it out.

807E817C-9A03-4985-974E-D9BCDE173F78Mustard vs. sea foam… Seafoam, I think.  I need to calm down and stop dreaming of hotdogs! Take note of our Bible on the bed! Yes! I need divine inspiration to get the job done!






View’s nice.  Painting’s not much fun.

CA41F50A-0706-4D88-A7C3-5082A2482DCAThe Type A Lady at the end of the day….Not a pretty picture, by any means.


I’m done!

Yes, I need to iron my bed skirt (i.e. a canvas paint drop cloth!) 

Gotta get stuff on the walls! 

                                   Nice view for paint brush cleaning.  Thanks, God! 

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