Type A Travels: Start Spreadin the News

It’s a different life. It’s not my life. – I live in the middle of 120 acres, for heavens sake! I go to sleep to the sound of … nothing (save the occasional coyote howl).

Here – sound is all around: above and below. The muted roar of traffic outside my apartment window is a constant. It’s like a wind that never subsides.

Truck and car congestion is background noise to everything. A siren blast punctuates the darkness and jars my brain into frozen attention.

I cannot truly sleep here. This is not surprising.

I’m  in the city that never sleeps.

Start spreadin the news.

The Type A Lady is in New York!

People are beautiful and polished here. I’m not. I’m awkward and always look…not quite finished.

My daughter and son-in-law are two of the beautiful people. I’m trying to clean up my act so I don’t create a scene as I spend time with them. This is fun!

I’m not supposed to take this picture.

We go to a ritzy restaurant. I glance at the elegant people around me (looking aloof and sparkly). I suddenly realize they are, in fact, God’s kids just like me.

Type A Travel is best when you take your mom along! …And visit your baby:)


God is with us everywhere. Even in New York.  This thought brings me comfort.

It doesn’t matter where we are or what we look like, we’ve got a Dad who loves us.

I’m sitting next to a sheik lady wearing Louis Vuitton at the Lincoln Center. I’m wearing my Walmart dress. My neighbor sharing the music is truly the same as me. She needs God. So do I.

New York Philharmonic music lifts me up and above the cavernous concert hall, rimmed with sparkling lights. I look down at the vast crowd of God’s kids. We all need Him. We’re imperfect and incomplete and lonely at the core of our hearts.

God’s here in New York City. I’m glad I can’t get away from Him.

Where can I flee from your spirit? Or where will I run from your presence? If I rise to heaven, there you are! …If I take wings with the dawn and settle down on the western horizon your hand will guide me there, too – Psalm 139: 7-10


It’s fun to travel with you!   Keep watching for the next place The Type A Lady travels!

10 thoughts on “Type A Travels: Start Spreadin the News

  1. Love this!

    For me, I felt that in NY, anything goes as long as you own it. I was stoked to confidently wear all black, or hippy attire, or jeans and a t-shirt, and feel that I was also one of the beautiful people. Maybe not as beautiful as Brynn & Aaron, but just as worthy of taking up sidewalk space. Own your black turtlenecks, Auntie!

    I also love your Seikh, Louis Vuitton-wearing neighbor. We all need God. Heard a story about the Gospel of Inclusion today. It resonated. I feel that you’re on a similar wavelength with this post. God is most-definitely in NYC.

    Have fun on your travels and keep the posts coming!


    1. Thanks, sweet Amber! I had so much fun and my beautiful people made me feel so loved! Brynn and Aaron cooked beautiful meals and made grandma and me feel like royalty! Now on to northern reaches! Keep watching! Love you!!!


  2. Loved the blog Laurie!!! I so enjoyed your take on NYC…I felt much the same when I spend time there. It’s hard to get used to the pace out there…I like to take things slower. Looking forward to seeing more on your blog. Come visit me at the shop again when you get the chance!! 🙂


  3. Laurie, this was such fun to read and contained a good reminder about seeing God’s kids as He sees us. So thankful we have a loving Daddy.

    Happy travels. Such a gift to travel with your mother. I miss mine every day.


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