Fun Friday: Ode to my Overalls

My woolen overalls are 40 years old. This may their last journey. I christened my last camping trip by falling flat on my face in the rocks, ripping the threadbare knees in two places.

As for the rest of the trousers, the outlook is bleak. Deep pockets flap in sloppy fashion. Backsides have been mended with iron-on patches. I’m just not sure if I can pull off one more dry cleaning. Sigh…

Oh! The tales these trousers could tell!

My overalls took me hiking solo journeys through New York City, then onward to Boston bus rides. They helped me ramble the east coast, past rocky shores ravaged by fierce fall waves. Their wool kept me warm when I was defiantly soaked by salt water spray.

My overalls covered layers of clothing which I tried to wear to keep my backpack light while hiking  long trails in strange places. The trousers led me to youth hostels where everyone agreed to sleep in their clothes and everyone guarded money wads safety-pinned to pockets.When my husband asked me to marry him, I donned my woolen overalls and ran away…to Europe. The sturdy pair protected my money belt and passport. Together, my overalls and I climbed a hill in Vienna and decided to go home and get married.

I love my overalls. They’re part of a 21 year-old me. Today, they cover a 61 year-old me, less sure of step and not quite as adventuresome.

In truth, my threadbare togs bond me to wonderlust and youthful fancy. When I get bogged down by chores and to-dos, my overalls bring my “carefree” back.

Do you have something in your life which ties you to a sense of wonder? Treasure it. -Just when you think you’ve succumbed to responsibility, schedules and serious contemplation, run to your special possession and hold on to it.

I just dropped my overalls off at the dry cleaners. I’m willing to make one last attempt to wear my magical clothes. Somehow, they make me a kid again, full of a hankering to see what’s around the corner.

-I’ll keep you posted about the next adventure we take together.

2 thoughts on “Fun Friday: Ode to my Overalls

  1. I so enjoyed climbing these rocks with you. This is such a beautiful place. Keep soaring to new heights, girlfriend. I have a pair of bib overalls that could tell many happy stories. Hmmm, maybe not ALL of them!!


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