Type A Travels: Swamp People


Swamp People (or camping Florida)

-Did I mention Type A Travel is far from glamorous?

362a57fa-e10c-4d45-9395-8cd4b2cdb351.jpegBrad and I pull our pickup into the dirt opening. Immediately, Brad starts scraping his boot across the mud and sand, clearing a tent area. He drops to his knees (lifting a cloud of sand and broken shell) and spreads the bright orange tent into place.

Beware of Alligators! A sign hangs next to a swampy creek. The creek struggles to flow under moss and slime just below our campsite.

Lanky, sprawling trees hover above, dangling long, grey strands of Spanish moss from outstretched arms.  The moss floats in a swampland breeze.

For a moment, we are saved from mosquitoes. By nightfall, we’ll be zipped and tented and listening to the intimidating buzz of unwelcome neighbors. We’re camping Florida swampland and lovin it. Perhaps we are, in fact, swamp people!

As always, Brad sets up camp and I wander around. Brad has a set-up system and the Type A Lady just messes it up. So…off I go!

74AAAE97-B7B0-4DDD-B0F0-B7B8730766F7Jays swoop and soar above my trail which is tightly hugged by palm frond and oak trees. . Snowy egrets stand gracefully on one leg in marshes, tucking needled beaks behind fluffy white down. When I trudge nearby, these willowy birds lift heads, spread graceful angel wings and soar beyond the jungle depths. I startle a turtle who decides to waddle away in a huff. 

The swamp is thick, damp, dark, mysterious and glorious! 

God has surprises waiting for us beyond the moss!

I step lightly and reverently (watching for gators!) and savor the adventure!

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