Happy Tuesday to the Tuckered Out!


00393BE8-E4AC-4B3F-BE20-05711A2B3D61I’m gonna write my article… but maybe I’ll just take one little minute to lie down.

-What’s on Hallmark channel anyway? Let’s take a look at this magazine. Oh, look at that photo of…. wgrzmzzzzz.

Ten minutes later I wake up with a magazine on my face. Oops!

Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!” Proverbs 6:6.

Do ants ever sit down? Do they stand still? Have you ever really seen an ant standing still? All I know is, when I step on an ant hill, the only motionless ant I see is the one biting my leg. Even that ant takes a bite and trots away so fast I can’t swat him.

Well, here I am writing about item number three on my 2018 list of things to avoid: the couch. That darn comfy thing sits here enticing me.  I’ve already lost a lot of time because I gave in.

-Then there’s the TV. Hallmark calls me to watch those shows where everything turns out all right. Who can resist?

Now, where was I? My 2018 List of stuff to avoid…Just let me sit here and think…zzzzzzz

I’m talking about being tuckered out this Tuesday. Slowing down, sitting down. Falling asleep. This is keeping me from getting things done.

I need to keep moving like the ants. I’m gonna just sit down and check out this magazine and then I’ll …zzzzzzz.

2 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday to the Tuckered Out!

  1. Well – sometimes we have to heed the “call of the couch” to recharge 🙂
    But it is frustrating to get up and look around at all I should have gotten done. My thought is if I at least DO something the same length of time I spend on the couch – I have been productive.


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