September 11 Remembered

Dearest Father in Heaven,

Thank you for giving us hope and a future. Help those who struggle with grief and brokeness. Help those who are first responders: police, firemen, soldiers and others who step into danger daily. Help us understand the direction you want us to go….forgive our thoughtlessness and confusion.

Heal our land, my precious Father…and grant us peace and understanding. We love you.
I was at the office. Brad came in with a shocked look.

He quickly turned on the radio and we held each other as we listened in horror.

I needed to do something. I rushed to my church where I encountered a friend. We sat in the darkened church and prayed.

I dashed to the grade school. The office staff let me sit and pray as they fielded questions. I calmed anxious children and intervened for traumatized parents.

I called my parents and let them know I loved them. In those riveting moments, four things stood out:

God – love – family – others

Perhaps that focus would serve us well today.

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