A Parking Lot Walk…and a Lesson in Marriage

Happy elderly seniors couple in park

Type A folks tend to have a lot of pent-up energy.  I really can’t sit still for very long.  As the song goes, “These boots are made for walking.”

Walking can be a good time to talk to God.  I may start out in my mad dash, but, if I’m talking to God, pretty soon, He sets the pace. If I listen to God, my walk becomes….well….peaceful.You never know when God has a message for us Type A’s. The message might come in a miserable time.  That’s when we need to listen very closely…or watch closely on our walk:

Here’s a little look at a marriage lesson God gave me in a quick parking lot walk.

The Parking Lot

I took a walk. The surgery waiting room was too tense for me. Brad had just gone into surgery.

I knew the drill. Things would take a while. I stepped outside for a quick breath and a few steps in the cool morning air. Time to talk to God.

That’s when I saw the walkers.  They made their way across the parking lot with a gentle rhythm. They walked arm-in-arm and cane-in-cane.  Step upon step, they matched each other’s rhythm. Cane upon cane – their hands placed the balancing canes in proper place.  They moved toward me. They would not fall because they leaned gently against each other.  They moved in tandem.

God and I watched the married couple. There was a perfect grace to their movements, a grace perfected only from years of knowing each other. One could anticipate the other’s move. That was clear.  I watched the husband and wife escort each other. They were on a mission to get to the door of the hospital.

For a moment, my cares slipped away. I was fascinated by the walking duo. The couple danced by me, oblivious to my watchful eye.

God showed me something on my parking lot walk. The husband and wife supported each other and moved forward. This was a great picture of marriage.

Man and wife, lifetime partners. Here was a perfect balance of two imperfect people. They walked as best they could through imperfect places, leaning on each other each step of the way. Here was an illustration of life-long marriage.

I walked back from the parking lot to the waiting room. I said another prayer for the man who would walk out of this place with me.

I also thanked God for the enlightening parking lot walk.

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.” –1 John 1:7

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