The Perfect Art of Passing Time

lawn chairs

I just drove by you. I waved, but I don’t think you noticed. After all, you don’t even know me, but I feel like I know you.

I see you sitting by your garage on dusky nights when I’ve worked late and I’m trying to get home before dark. You’ve pulled your folding lawn chairs under the quilt pattern that displays so nicely on your garage. You are watching the evening fall.

With all my might, I wish I could join you. Somehow, I think you’d pull up a chair and welcome me. You just seem to be those kind of folks… somebody’s grandparents…somebody’s church friends…somebody’s nice neighbors.

I want to watch the evening fall with you. You remind me of so many special people in my life who mastered the perfect art of passing time. You have the wisdom to slow down and watch. I’m sure you see so very much.

My Grandma and Pop pulled their folding chairs to the door of their garage on Shore Road down in Venice, Florida. I have the yellowed photo of them sitting there. I can almost imagine them sitting there, smelling a gulf breeze and watching for a friendly bird which would actually light upon Pop’s finger.

Pop and Grandma waved at cars that passed by. Honk honk. There go the neighbors. So good to see them.

If it stormed on Siesta Key, my lovely in-laws, Beth and Bert, sat just inside their garage door. Oh, how thrilled they were to watch the tropical wind whip up!

Beth and Bert settled into the sturdy straps of those lightweight chairs and joyfully watched the parched grass and flowers drink the speedy downpour! If I was staying with them, they’d call me to the door to watch the beauty of momentary refreshment. -What a wonderful experience.

My mother and father had a special spot at their home by the wooded ravine to practice the perfect art of passing time. They watched the birds, savoring the shade and the cooler, drifting air. They could see the cars, but the cars could not see them. They had a secluded, peaceful spot for contented sitting. Perfect.

Thank you to my precious couple beside the quilted shed. You remind me of the perfect art of passing time.
You also remind me of folks I love who now practice that perfect art in Heaven.

I’ll keep waving when I pass by. I’ll also try to pull up my lawn chair and remember not to let time fly by too quickly. It’s important to savor the moment and practice the perfect art.

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