The Good Stuff: My Mom

I wish I was more like my mom.  My mom is quiet and measured.  I’m loud and impulsive.  My mom is skillful and precise.  I’m sloppy and haphazard.  

My mom finishes things well.  I slap-dash through and end up with imperfect projects.  My motto:  It may not be done right…but its done.  My mom’s motto:  If it’s worth doing…it’s worth doing well.  

My mom knows how to rewire and install a light. I tremble in fear at any assembly directions. My mom can sew anything. I have trouble hemming a dress.

My mom can upholster furniture and transform a room with creativity.  My mom was Pinterest before Pinterest existed.  I slap a few thrift sale finds into a room and toss a blanket over them to cover the imperfections.  

My mom has great handwriting.  I print because you don’t want to see my handwriting.  My mom is wise.  I tend get a little confused. My mom is calm.  I’m the “Type A” Lady. Are you getting the picture ?

All that said…if anyone one of you, my dear readers, know me (or maybe even like me a bit), welp… I want to credit my mom for any of my better traits.  Bottom line is, I’m so grateful I could learn all the good stuff from my mom.  

Here’s my checklist of lessons my mom has taught me:

  1. Never give up.
  2. Stay strong
  3. Keep organized
  4. Understand the struggles of others
  5. Don’t stop learning
  6. Give grace. There’s no perfect person or family 
  7. Leave a place better than you found it 
  8. Leave a person better than you found her
  9. Don’t let go of your commitment to God or anyone just because the going gets tough
  10. Love God…He helps you love others.

Hey, mom! It’s birthday time again! Normally, I wouldn’t share your age, but gosh, you should be so proud! When someone says your age, people are amazed! You’re spunky, energetic, sharp, creative, discerning, wise, beautiful

and generally all-around awesome! –

May this 64 year-old be that lucky in 26 years!

Thank you, Mom!  Happy Birthday! Love you to the moon and back!   

6 thoughts on “The Good Stuff: My Mom

  1. Happiest of birthdays dear Mrs Meek! Enjoy your new decade🤍.
    I am forever grateful for your field of dreams. A most golden memory of my childhood and the joys of spring/ summer/ fall baseball ⚾️ ❤⚾️🤍⚾️


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