Number 34…On Number 36

Today is my 36th Anniversary.  I was putzin around in my writing files and found this post from two years ago.  It’s got some good stuff about the difference between my hubby and me.

Yup, Brad and I are  different. Our life is not perfect. That’s OK. God is good.  We focus on HIM and choose to love.  So …. 36 rolls in and 34 still holds true.

Number 34

The card said it all: a big-eyed red crab, pinchers poised, stared up at a squirrel whose paws were plastered soundly on his hips.

“Sometimes you make me crabby,” the crab said, to which the squirrel roundly countered: “Sometimes you drive me nuts.”

Yes! There we were: Laurie, the red crab, Brad, the calm grey squirrel. This was the perfect card to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary!

Now, I do not want to appear heartless. The inside of the card read, “But we still belong together, no ifs, ands or buts.” This card was also followed by a flowery card with mushy language and a long, type-written love note. (I am, if nothing else, a writer.)

For our 34th wedding anniversary this past Sunday, Brad gave me a dust buster. I gave him a trip to the University of Kentucky, his beloved alma-mater.

We couldn’t leave till we finished painting the porch late Saturday afternoon. With the last dollop of white, we scrambled for the car, paint-spattered, but determined.

After five hours of driving, we were both squinting in the darkness and bickering about exits, but, as Brad said, this was our anniversary and we were supposed to be enjoying it.

We steamed into our Lexington hotel thoroughly mad at each other, but resolved to have a good time. That’s what marriage is all about, isn’t it? Besides, the hotel had great cable TV. By the third episode of “Gas Monkey Garage”, we were snug and happy at the Clarion.

Thirty four years have flown by. Somehow Brad and I have sailed through raising three daughters (I’m talkin teen years, too). We’ve stayed awake for at least five post-proms. We’ve tried to keep calm through two proposals and two cart-everything-with-you location weddings (One by the ocean and one by a waterfall in Iceland.)

We’ve survived five surgeries and five cancer scares, numerous heartaches and several heart ailments. Brad’s coped with my short temper and I’ve coped with his non-stop teasing. By golly, we’ve had a lot of fun. We’ve also had, because of my Brad, a wonderful amount of laughter.

Laughter is Brad’s specialty, that and waking up happy. I wake up groaning. Brad sings in the shower. I screach as I splash cold water on my face. I worry. He sleeps. I write lists. He plays with the dog. We are perfect for each other.

Here’s to 34 more years, my love. We have set our sights on God and our parents’ long marriage legacy. This life together is a blessing.

I had a great time celebrating our anniversary. We’re home now. Brad is playing with the dog. I think I’ll go write my “to-do” list and use my new dust-buster. Life is good. Thanks, God.

Brad and Laurie…through the ages…

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