Tips to Deal With Life’s Floods

My Sunday hike by the flooding Mississippi got me thinking. 

We all experience floods in our lives:  unexpected situations which sweep through our lives, uprooting routine and confusing our plans

Sometimes all we can do is hold on, tread water… and pray. We can be flooded with fear, flooded with pain, even flooded with joy.  

Rest assured, each flood will pass.

The water will recede, but the terrain of your life may be changed. 

But that’s OK.

God specializes in hope  after  floods.

Here are views from our Mississippi flood and four tips to deal with floods in our lives:

Four Tips to Deal with Floods

1. Build a Levee – Before the flood, hang tight with your Savior. Bible Study, prayer and daily connecting life with Christ will build a solid foundation, a levee to withstand life’s floods.2.Watch for Fertile Ground: As devastating as floods can be, they can also deposit fertile soil for future growth.  If you’re going through a tough time or even a joyous, but life changing time, God is teaching you something. Hold on to it. Write it down.  Trust in God. Something new will grow as a result of the flood.


3. Plant the Seeds – I’m not talking physical planting here.  Your flood brought you some seeds of Truth.  Bible verses, revelations, answers, questions, insights – be sure to plant them in the fertile soil of the flood.  

4. Rest and Watch. If flood waters wash over you, rest and wait. Don’t start shoveling frantically. Rest a bit and survey the land.  Ask yourself what God has taught you.  Your experiences are always the foundation of your ministry.  Like Paul who took time to rest, recover and reflect following his life-changing flood of meeting Jesus, you can take  time to recover.

After you’ve recovered from your flood, God’s got something for you to do.  Watch and join him, moving gracefully over the fertile ground of a flooded heart.


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21 thoughts on “Tips to Deal With Life’s Floods

    1. Thanks! In this world we’re bound to have trouble – or even good things which wash over us – I’m glad God gives us fresh perspective and a way to use what we learn from these floods! God Bless, Laurie


  1. Laurie, Thank you. I appreciated this! This sentence stood out to me:

    “Your experiences are always the foundation of your ministry.”

    I can testify that has certainly been the case in my life and ministry.


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